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Why Threes Physiyoga Method?

We know joint mechanics and movement efficiency. We know muscle strength and motor learning. This science-backed knowledge is the foundation upon which TPM teaches yoga. Yoga that’s safer, smarter. Yoga that builds strength and mobility. Yoga that’s sustainable.

While over 36 million Americans practice yoga regularly, the injury rate is steadily increasing. Yoga is not about stretching your body into extreme positions for the sake of a pose: it’s about understanding your body and adapting yoga in individualized ways to achieve overall wellness. Why try to mimic your yoga teacher’s perfect pose, only to suffer the consequences later?

TPM teaches and supports injury recovery, healthy movement maintenance, self-awareness, good posture, proper alignment, best stacking habits, neuroscience, biomechanics, mindfulness, core restoration, postpartum care…and more. 

It doesn’t get more real than this!

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  • On-Demand Classes
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  • Progressive Programs for Wrists, Shoulders, Knees, Hips, Low Back. Core, Plantar Fasciitis, Mobility, Smart Strength training, and more!
Not sure what to take?

Don’t worry, we curate body part-focused weekly calendars to get you started on the right track –  programming a smart mix of strength, mobility, flow and mindfulness for a balanced Physiyoga diet.

How to use Physiyoga

If you are new to Yoga/movement and Physiyoga, We recommend trying a little bit of physiyoga at a time, start with the Basics (hyperlink to collections), and explore some of our restorative, mobility and strength classes. Try 2 classes a week to begin, 10-15 minutes, and progress to adding in 3 or 4 classes each week of longer duration. Once you are comfortable with our basic concepts (link to blog), feel free to explore some more of our level 2 and eventually level 3 classes. 

If you are a more experienced mover without any existing aches and pains, but maybe looking to feel better in your body, and move well for the long haul, start with 1-2 longer physiyoga classe per week, chose one full body and one that is body part specific, once you are comfortable, move to 3-4 different classes, mix and match full body and body part specific work and keep up with you existing movement as well, especially your strength and cardio work. 

If you are coming to us for help with an ache or pain, we are here to help! All of our teachers have been trained extensively by experienced physical therapists from NYC’s renowned Hospital for Special Surgery. Our method of teaching is based in physical therapy science, and will not only teach you how to move optimally but educate you on why this is important and how to take these lessons off the mat and into your life. Start slowly with us, start with foundations, snack and level 1 classes in your body part, or join us for a full 6-part body part specific progressive program. We have one for each major part of the body

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Take one of our on-demand classes, programs, live workouts or monthly mini-courses.


Read our evidenced-based, science-backed editorial content to keep learning off your mat.


Continue to further your education by enrolling in our advanced yoga teacher and PT training programs.

TPM can support your:

beautiful adult woman is engaged in online training
Your future health depends on what you do today: TPM puts an emphasis on movement and supportive practices to reduce the risk of injury and proactively encourage optimal health.
African American Doing Fitness Workout Exercise Class
Better performance outcomes begin in the mind – not the body. TPM helps you train your brain to send smarter signals to your muscles and joints, ensuring your entire system is functioning optimally.
Homeostasis is your body’s happy place. It never feels better than when your mind, body, and spirit are in harmony. But the key is sustaining this balance when things get hard: that's why we’re here.
Parental Journey
TPM can assist you in the many stages of parenthood: prenatal and postpartum support for women, along with programs and guidance for couples, individuals, and families.
Injury from workout concept : The asian man use hands hold on his knee while running on road in the park. Shot in morning time, sunlight and warm effect with copy space for text or design
Healing can be complicated. Are you working through an injury or looking to get moving after being cleared by your doctor? Our progressive programs, developed around specific body areas, start slowly and intentionally, and guide you towards movement freedom, efficiency and comfort – on and off the mat.

TPM’s Main Pillars

Train your mind to optimize the various operating systems—muscles, nerves, joints, connective tissue—that make movement possible so that they work better together.

Learn to use that integrated intelligence to develop better body awareness to help you move more efficiently, heal from, and and avoid injuries on or off your mat.

Engage in evidenced-based practices to connect the physical and mental aspects of your practice in order to cultivate a more peaceful spirit and harmony both inside and out in your world.

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