This Month at Threes

➾ Are you looking for more effective ways to help your students connect to their body in order to be more engaged with practice?  

➾ Learn the science behind the bands effectiveness: facilitate neuroplasticity, proprioception, tensegrity, and Threes Physiyoga principles that merge mindful alignment, joint stability and resilience. 

➾ Learn to mitigate injury, enhance joint health, and support hypermobility

    • Create a robust and resilient spine
    • Improve body awareness, balance, and movement longevity
    • Learn how to teach with bands in a purposeful and confident way



Course Overview

  • 250 hr advanced yoga teacher training program
  • 20+ pre-recorded lessons, including foundational knowledge, movement tasks, labs, and Physiyoga practices
  • Lessons released on a schedule over 8 months with independent pacing between lessons
  • Knowledge check quizzes at the end of each lesson



Reset. Restore. Return.

Rooted in physical therapy and mindful movement, the Threes Physiyoga Method is an expert-guided, whole-body wellness practice empowering you to build optimized health for a better life.

We are here to RESET your mind, RESTORE your body, and RETURN you to what you love.

Solve the Body Puzzle

Reduce Injury

Learn to help what hurts, using the connection of your mind and body to safely address and prevent future risk.

Support Recovery

Focus on the integration of science, therapeutic exercises, and intentional movement to nurture long-term healing. 

Build Health

Find balance, on and off the mat, with exercises and programs that build a sustainable practice for life-long strength and mobility. 

What is mindful movement?

Find the balance and lifelong health that comes from applying a focused mind to intentional exercises. That connection will uncover a deeper understanding of your whole self through the Threes Physiyoga Method, which will teach you to go inside your body and become aware of how you move and feel, one class at a time.

Why physical therapy?

 We use current science and physical therapy principles as a foundation for creating new, efficient movement habits to support bone, muscle and joint health,  You will build practices with a safe and supported foundation that supports healthy, long-term habits. 

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Threes Training

Invest in your expertise and enhance your clinical understanding of the whole body through our Advanced Teacher Training, Certifications, and Continuing Education. 

Learn how the Threes Physiyoga Method can impact how you teach students and treat clients. Combine our science-informed framework with your owned practice, and unlock the tools that empower you and your clients to balance body, mind and spirit for optimized health.

Yoga Teachers

Incorporate the science of movement into your teaching practice for an elevated, whole-body approach to deep-rooted health and healing.

Health Professionals

Enhance your care with an integrated approach that combines science and movement for compounded improvement in your clients’ overall health.  

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