Physiyoga: physical therapy principles meet mindful movement

Physical Therapy Principles Meet Mindful Movement

Leverage Science for Self-Empowerment, Anytime, Anywhere

Feel better in your body through...

Physical Therapy Infused Movement

A mindful approach to movement

Support For Your Aches + Pains

Pain support through a mind-body approach,

Classes to Get You Going or Slow You Down

We never underestimate the power of a smart warm-up or a science-backed cooldown or unwinding.

Body Part Specific

Take a deep dive into that part of your body that needs support right now.

Threes Physiyoga Method's Main Pillars



Train your mind to be more resilient and optimize how you move.



Learn how to move more efficiently, recover and avoid injuries on and off your mat.



Find connection through evidence-based practices to cultivate a sense of harmony.

I am here to...


Take our on-demand classes, programs, or live workouts.


Continue to further your education by enrolling in our Advanced Physiyoga Teacher Training and PT programs.

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