Threes Physiyoga Method has been changing the game in professional learning for yoga teachers and movement professionals for over 10 years.
We give you the tools to impact students on a whole new level, gain immense understanding about the body, and become the kind of teacher you want to be.

The Threes Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is a deep dive into the science of ‘WHY’ and its connection to our body’s movement and mindfulness. Using science-informed methods, you will learn how to apply principles of physical therapy to the foundations of yoga in group and private sessions, integrating your personal creative approach with our rigorous academics to create an unparalleled and therapeutic individualized Physiyoga experience.

This training is geared toward yoga teachers and movement professionals with at least a 200 hr YTT (including massage therapists, pilates instructors, dancers, strength coaches, PT’s, OT’s and more).  Our methodology crosses movement disciplines; what you learn will serve & support MANY different modalities. 


  • Dramatically increased confidence as a teacher
  • Stronger following of students and more engaged students 
  • Armed with the knowledge to design trainings, workshops, and SMART classes 
  • Increase in private clients
  • Ability to communicate + collaborate with healthcare professionals 


  • Training groups are intentionally small so we can give individualized attention and support
  • Attend live virtual events together each month
  • Meet + network with cohort members from all over the world
  • Collaborate with like-minded learners
  • Utilize unlimited 1:1 office hours to meet your personal needs + goals

The Threes Physiyoga Method Training is taught by leading experts in physical therapy and yoga with a combined 100 years of experience. Featured highlights of the program include:

Empower yourself with education: comprehensive coursework

Science backed body knowledge integrated with mindfulness

Applied anatomy: learn kinesiology + effective verbal instruction

Top notch support team that's invested in your success + growth

Wondering if this is the right training for you? 

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Is it really necessary to bridge the gap between science and yoga?

The two together are a powerful combination! Science alone often lacks embodiment, compassion and softness, while the yoga industry has a history of false claims and pseudoscience. We’re here to change the status quo with this 250 hour program bringing both worlds together with expertise and meaning while giving you the tools to radically advance your skills as a teacher or clinician.

Walk away with a framework and immediately accessible skills: 

• Intentional sequencing/class planning

• Support those with injuries/limitations or conditions

• Nuanced verbal instruction that will be a game changer for your clients

• Recognize suboptimal movement patterns that are holding back movement potential

• Knowledge of nervous system state and interplay between mind and body

• Become a teacher who can answer questions because you know the ‘why’

• Understanding of when you are qualified to help and when to refer out

Trainings are an investment and we don’t take that lightly.

That’s why we want to show you what’s possible with Threes and help you to meet your personal goals.

Over the course of this 8 month long program, you will feel yourself change, learn, and grow into a new caliber of teacher.

We’re with you every step of the way and can’t wait to see where you go from here! 


"I am blown away by the amount of knowledge I have gained, the sense of confidence I have found, and the way my teaching and understanding has grown. I can see the effects this training has had not only on me, but on many of my students, people who now feel better in their own bodies and have a new sense of strength and understanding in themselves".
—Marisa Martin
"This training was challenging yet supportive, eye opening yet reinforcing, inspiring and fun."
—Kelly Love, E-RYT 500
"This new language and skillset I began using in group classes triggered a wonderful curiosity in my students. They want to go deeper."
—Eric Lawrence
Take the Threes training to become a movement educator and differentiate yourself from the crowd. You will get university level education and feel individually supported every step of the way. I truly believe that teaching movement to real people requires commitment to ongoing high-level education in anatomy and kinesiology…”
—Olga Kay
"The approach was clear and helped train my eye to read bodies, notice suboptimal patterns, and offer holistic approaches to help my students be at peace in their bodies (and minds)."
—Rebecca Ketchum, E-RYT 500
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September 11, 2024-May 21, 2025

Registration closes August 16, 2024

Price: $3,500

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