How you breathe, move, and think impact how you

Feel Heal  Grow  Recover  Thrive  Connect

to create balance for health and well-being

Our programs and classes are designed by leading experts in physical therapy, yoga and pilates. Move mindfully and support:

Your body, mind, spirit connection

Injury recovery and pain support

Good posture and proper alignment

Postpartum care and core restoration

Studio Membership

Invest in yourself and learn to build sustainable habits through body-specific programs and classes.


On-demand classes and access to our library of targeted programs


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On-demand classes and access to our library of targeted programs


monthly subscription

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Pay-per program and discover a series of focused classes targeting just what you need. 

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Start with a free trial and discover the impact the Threes Physiyoga Method can have in just one week.

What is the Threes Physiyoga Method?

Rooted in the science of physical therapy and mindful movement, the Threes Method provides pioneering tools and science-informed education that empower you to move with intention and build habits for lifelong balance and well-being through the practice of Physiyoga. 

Using the foundations of yoga, integrated with anatomy, kinesiology, neuroscience and more, a Physiyoga class is designed to target different areas of the body. Through our programs, we help you develop a wellness practice and sustainable habits that empower you to stay accountable to your own body, on your own terms. 

Whether you suffer from stress and anxiety, are recovering postpartum, sustained an injury or are just looking to move your body intuitively and intelligently, every day, our classes and expert-designed programs will help you dive deeper to make space for what you need.

Discover the Threes Studio

Start with the Foundations and explore our Restorative, Mobility, and Strength classes

Threes Core Values

Join us as we create a community of inclusivity for all.


Rooted in science and expertise, we will redefine a modern approach to wellness.

Focus on the Sum

From the whole person to the whole team, we are stronger holistically than we are alone.

Build a

Create sustainable habits to move with Physiyoga every day, on your own terms.

Invest in Yourself

Discover the interconnectedness of your body to feel whole.

Lead with Compassion

Make space for others and, more importantly, yourself.

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Take a class, try a program and start today. 

"I feel safe in my body and mind when I practice your classes which means the world to me."
—Leslie, Montana
"I LOVE the details you provide about knowing if you’re doing an exercise properly or not!"
—Leslie, Washington
"I follow you because of the intention of your platform, I truly feel like you are looking out for our well being."
—Ellen, Maryland
"I started with the upper forearm program with Emily yesterday and already I am benefiting from it."
—Shanti, UK
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