Equipment that will cover most classes:

  • 2 long resistance bands
  • Selection of mini loop bands
  • 2 release balls in a tote, yoga mat
  • 2 yoga blocks
  • 2 blankets

If strength is your goal, we also recommend a selection of hand weights. It’s not important that you have these exact items: click Buy Now to purchase directly from Amazon or purchase from any local retailer.

Long Red Theraband

This link is for (1) single band: adjust your quantity to (2) before adding to your cart so you have a total of 2 long bands.
We recommend tying (1) band so there's a small loop at each end just big enough to go around a hand or foot.

Mini Loop Resistance Bands

Set of (5) with light-heavy resistance. Depending on what you're doing, you'll want options for varied resistance.

2 Release Balls in a Tote

Some classes use 1 ball, some use 2 balls in a tote to use together. If you only have 1 ball, you might opt to buy a double roller (scroll down to see this option).

2 balls in a tote and a double roller do the same thing.

Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block (Set Of 2)

Yoga blocks provide additional stability and support for your practice. We use them in a variety of ways.

5, 8, 10 lb.
Dumbbell Set

Different weights are needed for different muscle groups. We recommend having a variety of weights to choose from. For those newer to strength training: when 10 lbs starts to feel easy for you, explore moving up to 12, 15, and 20 lb weights. For many exercises, dumbbells and kettlebells can be interchanged so use what you have.

Mexican Blankets

We regularly use blankets for classes. You can certainly use any blanket you have at home or purchase 1-2 blankets.

The following props are optional. Read the description below each item to see substitution options.

Double Roller

Optional but nice to have if you don't have a tote bag to keep you release balls tightly together.


If your practice space is on carpet or a rug, sliders come in very handy. A number of classes need a sliding surface which can be a blanket/towel on a wood floor or sliders for carpet.

Yoga Strap

Optional, substitute with a robe or pant belt- in most cases this works fine.

Yoga Bolster

Optional- you can use firm pillows.

36" Soft Density Foam Roller

Optional- there are a few classes that can only be done with a foam roller, for the most part you don't have to buy this unless you want to have one around.

Coregeous Ball

Optional - nice to have but only a handful of classes use one so take it or leave it.

Release Ball Combo Pack

1 double roller, 1 lacrosse ball, 1 spiky ball A nice option if you don't have any massage balls and want a selection.

Long Resistance Bands: Set of 3: Heavy Resistance

Optional: only if you aren't being challenged anymore by your current resistance bands.

15 LB Dumbbell Set of 2

Optional when this weight feels right.
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