Physiyoga: physical therapy principles meet mindful movement

Train with Threes: Self-Paced Learning

A Course with Flexibility

Build your Threes Physiyoga Method knowledge base through our self-paced learning model. Train with Threes allows you to complete the advanced yoga teacher training course work at your pace, on your schedule. Begin whenever you’re ready, without having to work around deadlines. Upon completion of the Train learning path, certification is available through the six-month Independent Study program with access to a TPM mentor.


Course Overview
  • 20 pre-recorded lessons, including foundational knowledge, movement tasks, labs, and Physiyoga practices
  • Knowledge-check quizzes at the end of each lesson


What you gain

A 25% discount on three-month membership to TPM’s digital studio


  • Application
  • 200-hour YTT completion
  • $1,400 payment in full at registration


Train + 6 month Independent Study to Certification
  • Complete all online coursework for Train path
  • Upgrade to certification available through six-month Independent Study
  • $1,500 payment made in full prior to start of Independent Study course


+ 6 month Independent Study
  • Six written assignments with feedback
  • Six video submissions with feedback
  • Two 30-minute live teaching sessions with feedback
  • Monthly virtual, 30-minute one-to-one with a TPM mentor
  • Create a six-week, case-based progression with feedback
  • Complete written comprehensive exam with feedback

Train Schedule

All pre-recorded content becomes available on January 12, 2022.


Topics include:
  • An Introduction to TPM
  • The Lower Limb
  • The Upper Limb
  • The Pelvic Girdle
  • The Shoulder Girdle
  • The Spine

* Upgrade to our Pathway to Certification via Independent Study with access to TPM mentors upon completion of the Train and Practice programs

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