Physiyoga: physical therapy principles meet mindful movement

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Teach Modern Movement. Smarter.

There is no other training like ours…seriously!

  • You’ll learn anatomy and biomechanics in ways that highlight the interconnection of the body’s vital systems.
  • You’ll understand the power of the mind’s perception and its role in movement, pain and overall health.
  • You’ll grow in confidence as you move through assessment and restoration, intelligent sequencing, understanding body and movement systems, modifying group classes, and more.
  • You’ll infuse evidence-based science into creating a holistic individualized approach with clients.

Your sharpened critical thinking and processing skills will empower you to trust what you notice AND use your voice to move clients safely with joint goals, as well as guide groups through new motor learning experiences. 

You’ll learn to really help people understand their body, adapt their yoga, apply restorative therapeutic tools and progress with curated sequencing. 

With over a 90% retention rate at TPM, we know we’re on to something that’s life-changing.  

Join our Master Pathway training today and study with our team of exceptional physical therapists and yoga teachers. We promise it will be brain changing!

* Upgrade to our 6- month Independent Study with Access to TPM Mentor upon completion of the Train pathway for certification

* Upgrade to our 3-month Independent Study with Access to TPM Mentor upon completion of the Practice pathway for certification

Why Physiyoga?

The field of using yoga therapeutically is rapidly expanding as people seek support  through injuries and pain using less conventional methods. Yoga teachers are often turned to first when a student has pain. 

However, we have recognized the gap that remains after 200-hour yoga teacher training programs in the knowledge and understanding of how injuries and pain affect the whole person.  This training advances yoga teachers with an informed and practical way to integrate physical therapy principles with yoga that bridge this gap. 

As leaders in the integration of physical therapy with yoga, we provide yoga teachers with advanced education, quality resources and a supportive network. TPM’s online learning journey is designed to support your growth and individuality as a yoga teacher and our collective strength as an informed, leading-edge community.

This online training is designed for 200-hour yoga instructors who want to infuse their practice and teaching with an in-depth understanding of the body through a movement science lens. 

What is the Method?

The Threes Physiyoga Method is a science-based approach providing methodical ways to incorporate the understanding and application of physiyoga into one’s own teaching style. 

Rooted in the foundational knowledge of applied anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, kinesiology, and neuroscience, the framework is designed to be adaptable, leaving room for a teacher’s creativity and singularity.  TPM supports the sustainable and practical application of yoga to meet teachers and students where they are. 

How is the online TPM Advanced Yoga Teacher Training structured?

There are three pathways to TPM certification –Train, Practice, or Master–providing the option for program completion in the learning style and environment most suitable for you. Choose one of the TPM pathways and begin your journey. All pathways lead to certification.

Independent Study with Access to TPM Mentor

Our Independent Study program, available upon completion of the Train or Practice pathways, is a unique learning experience designed for the practical application and synthesis of the Threes Physiyoga Method coursework. Participants receive individualized guidance and structure from a members of our TPM mentoring program to fulfill the certification requirements and integrate their toolkit skills into practice.

Who should study with TPM?

This program provides 200-hour certification yoga teachers with a comprehensive understanding of anatomy and biomechanics that will serve as a foundation for teaching accessible and sustainable yoga.

You’ll graduate with a comprehensive understanding of the “why” behind connecting breath, mindfulness and asana: our research-backed methods are the foundation of a therapeutic approach that supports the individual as a whole being.

Are there scholarships available?

The Master Pathway Scholarship covers tuition in full for our Master with Threes YTT.  Upon completion, you will receive your TPM certification as well as continued access to resources and ongoing support from the TPM community. 

What are the benefits of studying with TPM?

  • You’ll learn a scientific, knowledge-based approach to teaching yoga and movement.
  • You’ll learn the biomechanics of asana to safely progress and regress students.
  • You’ll be able to work with people of various ages and physical capabilities.
  • You’ll gain a better understanding of how to guide students with pain and injuries.
  • You’ll be better able to communicate with healthcare practitioners about clients.
  • You’ll differentiate yourself in the yoga market.
What is covered in the program?
  • Overview of anatomy and physiology of movement
  • Proprioception and interoception fundamentals
  • BioPsychoSocialSpiritual (BPSS) model introduction
  • Assessment of movement patterns using evidenced-based TPM tools
  • Progression and regression of functional movement and complex asanas
  • Mobility and stability integration into yoga practice
  • Restoration techniques for sustainable, efficient yoga practice 
Who is the TPM Education Team?

The TPM Education Team is powered by physical therapists who are certified yoga teachers, movement specialists, and experienced, certified TPM instructors. 

Diana Zotos Florio
Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher
Education Team
Emily Tomlinson
Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher
Education Team
Cara Ann Senicola
Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher
Education Team
Giulia Pline
Yoga Teacher
Education Team
Brian Roy Garland
Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher
Education Team
Deborah Singer Livingston
Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher
Education Team
Amber Gregory
Yoga Teacher
Education Team
Claire Sandberg
Yoga Teacher, RYT- 200
Jenny Link
Yoga Teacher
Education Team
Carol Krajnik
Yoga Teacher
Elizabeth Ashner
RYT- 200
Jesse Manocherian
Nicole Kay
Stefanie Mihoulides
Jessica Metz
Samantha Debicki
Jenny Chao
Yoga Teacher
2022 headshot
Kristina Clemons
Yoga Teacher
Annie Petersmeyer
Yoga Teacher, Pilates Teacher
TPM after certification

The learning and community continues to grow after completion of our YTT program. We stay connected and provide programming to help elevate  your practice and teaching skills. As our global TPM network continues to expand, we cultivate and support the life-long learning journey of our graduates: we raise the bar together.

  • Free access to all live teacher training calls: including round tables, Q&As in subsequent teacher trainings
  • Continued access to the course, including course updates.
  • Placement on TPM certified teacher registry
  • Access to Graduate Academy level courses
  • Discounts in the TPM online studio and workshops
  • Integral part of growing community of like-minded yoga teachers supporting bridge building in the yoga and healthcare communities
Application criteria
  • Minimum 200-hr YTT completion for all pathways
  • First installment or payment in full is required with registration
Cancellation policy

You can cancel up to four weeks prior to course start date and receive a full refund, minus ten percent of the total course cost for administration fees. A 50 percent refund will be issued if you cancel up to two weeks prior to course start date. No refunds will be made for cancellations within two weeks of course start date.

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