Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

We’ve designed this program to be intellectually rigorous without going over your head, as one of our graduates once described it so well. Simply put, our program is a multimodal learning experience intended to give you a strong working knowledge of the Threes Physiyoga Method and the tools required to teach people how to integrate its principles into their lives on and off of their mats. 

Our curriculum is deeply rooted in science and evidenced-based practices, but we filter that information through a compassionate lens to ensure that you’re prepared to support and empower students in their efforts to harmonize their minds, bodies, and spirits. We do this because we understand that wellbeing is a layered experience that involves both our physiological systems and the complex nature of our internal and external connections. 

By teaching a system of biopsychosocial-spiritual (BPSS) assessment, we bring the impact of the connection to self to the front lines of people’s health experience. Our BPSS assessment and approach to wellbeing also accounts for the impact social determinants of health—and a person’s access to quality care choices—on their overall wellness.  

In addition to the BPSS model, you will also learn the mechanics of breath, the neurological considerations of retraining the musculoskeletal system and deep integration of fascia and other connective tissue with the nervous system as it impacts the way we move.

Through this course, you will learn
  • Kinetic Chain Influence on Movement and Injury
  • Mechanics of Breath and How to Use It as Medicine
  • How Safe Movement Arises From a Balance of Stability and Mobility
  • Clear, concise language to communicate and describe structures and movements in the body 
  • Mindful Realignment for efficient, integrated movement
  • How To Teach Chain Expansion to Create Space in the breath and body 
  • How To Use Asana and Therapeutic Movements for Functional Training

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Wellbeing is the harmony between the mind, body, and spirit.

TPM's Yoga Teacher Training Programs are designed to teach you how to identify and assess the different operating systems of the body and understand how they interact with one another to contribute to overall health. You'll also learn how to restore harmony to the whole person by using evidence-based practices.

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