Physiyoga: physical therapy principles meet mindful movement

Frequently Asked Questions

Course Structure

All 3 Pathways (Train, Practice, Master) include pre-recorded lessons. Each lesson includes video instruction, movement tasks, didactic material, labs, asana and everyday-life practical examples, and a Physiyoga movement practice.

Choose the pathway that is best for you.

The Train Pathway has access to pre-recorded lessons to allow for self-paced learning. (To become certified the additional six-month Independent Study program must be completed.)

The Practice Pathway includes all pre-recorded lessons and access to four live virtual roundtable discussions and recordings. This hybrid model allows for a self-paced progression through the content with additional TPM community touch points and supplemental discussions. (To become certified the additional three-month Independent Study program must be completed.)

The Master Pathway is the direct path to certification. This pathway offers the most touch points, interaction, and opportunity for feedback. Students move through the timed pathway with a cohort and have direct access to TPM teachers in one-to-one virtual office hours. Lessons, assignments, and live virtual events follow a predetermined calendar schedule. During the eight-month learning journey the Master Pathway has four live virtual roundtable discussions and four jigsaw learning events. 

Jigsaw learning events are live virtual events where we collectively examine a topic. We discuss, dissect, and build a final product. These events are inspirational and tons of fun! They include prep work, large group and small breakout room discussions, along with practice teaching.

The field of using yoga therapeutically is rapidly expanding as people desire support for injuries and pain through less conventional methods. Yoga teachers are often one of the first people a student turns to when they have pain. Physiyoga is the merging of physical therapy principles with yoga.

The Threes Physiyoga Method is an evidence-informed approach that provides a methodical way for teachers to infuse the understanding and application of physiyoga into their own teaching style. The method is rooted in the foundational knowledge of applied anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, kinesiology, and neuroscience. It is designed to be adaptable and to leave room for the teacher’s creativity. The method supports the sustainable and practical application of yoga to meet students where they are.

  • Foundational knowledge of the skeletal, myofascial, nervous system
  • Musculoskeletal anatomy related to asana practice, including joint mechanics
  • Teaching Physiyoga concepts in group class settings
  • A Biopsychosocial Spiritual  (BPSS) approach to private clients 
  • Assessment of movement patterns
  • Planning one-on-one sessions to meet the specific needs of your client 
  • Improving safety in classes through specific cues, modifications and movement regressions and progressions
  • A review of common orthopedic pathologies and case-specific considerations
  • How to modify and adapt a yoga practice for injuries and pain

Master Pathway students will receive free, unlimited membership to TPM’s digital studio for one year. Students in the Practice Pathway will receive free, unlimited membership to TPM’s digital studio for six months. Train pathway students will receive a 25 percent discount on a three-month membership to TPM’s digital studio.


The Master Pathway is the direct path to certification. This rigorous coursework prepares students to become certified Physiyoga professionals. Through participation in the live virtual events and one-on-one office hour interactions, students are connected to and supported directly by members of our TPM education team.  

The Practice and Train Pathways require additional coursework and completion of our Independent Study with access to TPM Mentor program to become certified. This additional coursework provides students with one-on-one support from a TPM mentor. The program offers personal touch points including questions and answers, case-specific discussions, written assignments with feedback and practice teaching.

Choose one pathway: Train, Practice, or Master. Three separate pathways are designed to give accessible options for different lifestyles, learning styles, and schedules.

The TPM-certified teacher registry is the directory of Physiyoga professionals. It includes the name, location and contact information of graduates throughout the globe who have completed our certification training. This registry is a widely-used resource by healthcare professionals, yoga teachers, and individuals looking to connect with a TPM-certified Physiyoga professional.

This program is available upon completion of the Train or Practice pathways for graduates who would like to become certified Physiyoga teachers and members of our TPM-certified teacher registry.

Our independent study program builds upon the pre-recorded lessons of the Train and Practice Pathways and supports the practical integration, application and synthesis of Threes Physiyoga Method. Participants receive live virtual support from a member of our TPM mentoring program to gain the confidence to put these skills into practice.

We want to stay connected and provide programming that will help you to grow your practice and teaching skills. As our global TPM network continues to expand, we cultivate and support the life-long learning journey of our graduates. In this way, we raise the bar together. 

  • Free access to all live teacher-training calls: including round tables, Q&A’s in subsequent teacher trainings 
  • Continued access to the course, including course updates
  • Placement on TPM-certified teacher registry
  • Access to Graduate Academy level courses 
  • Discounts in the TPM online studio and workshops 
  • Be part of a growing community of like-minded yoga teachers supporting bridge building in the yoga and healthcare communities

This course is not approved for CEU credits for physical therapists. We are not registered with the Yoga Alliance. Threes Physiyoga Method is not a yoga therapy training program.

Application + Registration

Applicants must have completed a 200-hr. yoga teacher training program.
First installment or payment in full is required with application.

Applicants must have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program.
This is a program for yoga teachers with a 200-hour certification who are passionate about learning anatomy and biomechanics and excited about using their knowledge to offer sustainable and accessible yoga.
Physical therapists and other healthcare professionals, body workers and movement specialists are welcome. The 200-hour yoga teacher training requirement is still required.

If you cancel up to four weeks prior to the start of the course, you will receive a full refund, minus ten percent of the total course cost for administration fees.
A 50-percent refund will be issued to anyone who cancels up to two weeks prior to the start of their program.
No refunds will be given for cancellations made less than two weeks prior to course start date.

Live Virtual Events

Jigsaw learning events are live virtual events, available to the Master Pathway students, where we collectively examine a topic. The TPM education team and Master Pathway cohort of students discuss, dissect, and build a final product related to a TPM concept. The events include prep work, large group and small breakout room discussions, and practice teaching. These events are inspirational, rich with discussions, and tons of fun! 

Roundtable discussions are one-hour live virtual events. These discussions provide an opportunity to talk through topics related to Physiyoga. Collectively, the TPM education team and guest speakers join the Master Pathway cohort of students, Practice Pathways students, and graduate community for in-depth conversations, idea sharing, and community building. These sessions are recorded.

Full recordings of all live virtual roundtable discussions will be available to students who are unable to attend. Partial recordings of Jigsaw events will be available. Due to the nature of the Jigsaw learning events we are limited in what can be recorded. The large groups can be recorded but the smaller breakout rooms cannot. Any topics or teachings missed during the Jigsaw events can be made up during office hours. We request advanced notification if you are unable to attend live virtual events.

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