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I do not consider myself a yoga person at all and was initially skeptical that TPMs holistic techniques would work for me, however, there is no questioning the results. For the past three years, TPM has skillfully integrated techniques to treat my discreet injuries (knees, back, wrists) while also taking a natural approach to injury prevention by focusing on strength, balance and posture. These teachings have been integral to improving and maintaining my physical health and well-being.

Henry Jarecki

I think the site is fantastic and offers such a wonderful variety of classes for self care! I just wish I had more time to do the different classes. The beauty of it is that I can pull the classes up when I am able to at any time of the day! I think you new platform is amazing, awesome and very impressive. I love the energy you put into the classes.


I have had several issues over the years – from recovery from accidents to bone surgery, and in each instance, TPM has been key in my recuperation, both with respect to recovery and keeping me fit. This practice has been a godsend and anyone dealing with preventative care, from keeping one’s body healthy to recovery from an injury or surgery, should use the tolls that TPM provides.

Sharon Handler Loeb

Such a depth of knowledge you have. I have personally benefitted from the studio assistance with a change in attitude. Now I think about tuning my body after aging affects, instead of “fixing” things because I was “broken”. It’s a support and maintenance mindset.

Danielle G.

Avid Tennis Player

This back injury has been nagging me for YEARS. I’ve been trying to figure it out… how to stabilize better… The lower abs work on the site really is helping me so much. The site is really amazing. It’s making a huge different in my practice and teaching.

Francis Vicente

Advanced Certified Jivamukti Instructor

TPM’s work in combining the movement and mindfulness of yoga with the skilled hands and mind of a physical therapist offers me a new safe, effective and enjoyable way to achieve and maintain my fitness.

Kim Cattrall


One thing I really like is the variety. Less than 1 hour classes make it very convenient. Movement is kind and you are all great teachers!!


Your stuff works!!! my husband’s function and pain level are NOTHING like what his MRI says he should be, thanks to Threes!


Just did a great hip opener series today with Marisa on Threes! I learned a lot more about down dog split!!!

Liz Simons


Teacher Testimonials

This was an exceptional training. It has changed the way I teach and work with my students. The instructors are excellent, and the rigorous curriculum kept me interested and looking forward to every module. The feedback from my own students has been wonderful, which only goes to show how terrific the instruction and instructors were.

Zoe Mullhaupt

One of the first things I’m noticing after completing the Three’s Physiyoga training is the increase in the amount of inquiries I receive for private lessons. This new language and skillset I began using in group classes triggered a wonderful curiosity in my students. They want to go deeper.

Eric Lawrence

This training was challenging yet supportive, eye opening yet reinforcing, inspiring and fun. I personally could have benefited from a deeper dive spanning additional hours so look forward to seeing what is next on the horizon for the TPM team.

Kelly Love

E-RYT 500

The training has had a major impact on both my group classes and private sessions. It has helped me make sense of the various and disparate anatomy trainings I have had throughout my yoga career.

The approach was clear and helped train my eye to read bodies, notice suboptimal patterns, and offer holistic approaches to help my students be at peace in their bodies (and minds).

Just as importantly, I am now able to easily understand and converse with my clients’ physical therapists, body workers, and doctors. It is trainings like this that raise the caliber of the yoga profession as it empowers yoga teachers with the knowledge and understanding to add to the conversation when it comes to our clients pathways to healing.

Each time I plan a class I can clearly see the influence of the Method on the structure of my class. Among other things, it has helped me realize that some of what we do in the asana practice is not necessarily biomechanically sound. I can now approach the yoga postures with a keener sense of what is healthy movement for all different body types.

I was also pleasantly surprised that TPM’s techniques were more subtle and holistic than I imagined the average clinical physiotherapy approach to healing to be. Yes, we were given concrete tools to help with the healing process. However, we were also taught to look at the whole body and to use deep and subtle techniques rather than oversimplifying and sterilizing the human experience. The teachers were just as concerned with the breath and the mind as body as they were with the body. This was a very refreshing approach that complimented what I already believed was the most sustainable and holistic approach to helping others heal.

Rebecca Ketchum

E-RYT 500

As a long-term yoga practitioner, RYT and Occupational Therapist (OT) working in hospitals and assisted living facilities, I often found myself incorporating yoga into interventions with my clients.

While most of my colleagues followed a more typical western medical paradigm of OT focused mainly on therapeutic exercise an increasing independence in activities of daily living, I noticed increased interest and energy investment of the clients with whom I worked when using a more holistic [mind, body and emotions] approach. I knew that I wanted to provide an integrative approach – of combining occupational and physiotherapy with yoga for my clients on a regular basis to help them to heal and attain their goals for therapy. My question at that point was, “How do I do this?”

The course provided me with a framework to identify suboptimal postural and movement patterns through specific assessments rooted in yoga asanas. I gained a thorough understanding of how to help my clients to progress throughout their therapy through additional yoga asanas. It also taught me how to teach my clients in a way that they truly understand which is essential for long term change and improved quality of life. Thank you to TPM, for providing the “missing link” that I needed for my Occupational Therapy practice.

C. George


Success Stories

Rehabbing yoga injuries through alignment, awareness, and joint safety.

I love yoga, love the way it makes my mind and body feel, and was a person who practiced 3-4 times a week for 18 years. Over time, I developed pain in my shoulder that got so severe that I became unable to do chaturanga, downward dog and eventually poses with arms overhead. I needed surgery for a torn rotator cuff tendon. Once my first 3 months post op passed, I began using the threes physiyoga method platform. 

Reflecting on my injury, I believe that it occured as a result of the cumulative strain of years of swimming, tennis, golf, and also doing poses like chaturanga repeatedly without the optimal strength to support my body and form.  The threes physiyoga platform taught me how to build the strength and alignment up first before attempting to go back to full poses. They showed me how to progress slowly and smartly. By the time I was ready for full yoga practice, threes physiyoga had built my shoulder strength, alignment and stability up better than it was pre surgery. I am so grateful.


Jeanne used Giulia’s 'Optimizing Shoulder Mobility and Strength' program to start her entry back to yoga after injury.

Tuning your body for maintaining an active lifestyle—at any age and any activity level.

Being active is incredibly important to me, yet I recognize that taking care of my body is also incredibly important to prevent injury, wear and tear, and keep me on top of my performance. The classes in the Threes Physiyoga program are unlike any other movement classes I’ve taken. The focus on body awareness is incredibly important to performing sports at a high level. For example, I ski race all winter in a competitive league. Knowing my body position during high speed turns and feeling the pressures I need to put on my skis edges through my hips, knees, ankles and feet are critical to a fast and successful run. 

The focus on alignment is top notch and I really feel like I am taking great care of my joints as I work and focus on specific mobility. Body alignment in ski racing is as important as it is in wakesurfing and slalom skiing, which are my two summer sports. Proper alignment of my body for these sports is critical for my joints. By aligning my skeletal position properly, it takes the stress off my joints and lets the stacked bones of my skeletal system do most of the work. This helps greatly by creating much less fatigue in the muscles. Bones don’t get tired but muscles do! 

The variety of classes are progressive, so I can start with really simple concepts and build up as I learn and get stronger and more mobile. The concepts that I have learned from the Threes Physiyoga Method have become engrained in my sports movements by muscle memory and become easier and as I get stronger and more flexible.

—Brendan M.

Brendan uses a combination of our 'Mobility Reset' programs and our 'Before and After Exercise' classes as warm ups and cool downs to stay connected and ready for action.

Supporting your injury rehab journey—during and beyond.

As an active person/athlete, I was surprised after I sustained an injury in my low back after not really doing anything out of the ordinary for me. After a weekend of golf, tennis and cycling, I was suddenly incapacitated with intense pain in my lower back, which made it extremely painful to move, sleep and help take care of my newborn child and wife. 

I had never done physiyoga before (though my wife has), and she recommended I try it for my back. After a series of one on one sessions with a TPM teacher where I practiced everything from breathing techniques, gentle movements, core work and mindfulness, I was ready to go on my own into the digital library and begin to take the recommended classes. I used a combination of mobility, core and low back strength, and slower restorative classes to target my whole body and mind to rehab my injury. I am convinced that the key to my recovery was a holistic mind-body approach through physiyoga.


Cameron uses a variety of Physiyoga classes to keep up his movement health, mixing in 3 short practices a week, including classes focused on the Spine, Hips and Core.

Expanding your teachings for accessibility and individual student support.

The TPM Advanced YTT virtual lesson content is thorough, engaging, and beautifully produced. The TPM team presents the material in a way that is intellectually rigorous but not just cerebral. The Method and the training take an embodied approach, grounded in a nuanced, compassionate understanding of the complex biological, psychological, social, and spiritual factors that influence how people move through the world.

As a member of the “pandemic cohort” of 2020, I am indebted to TPM for all of the hard, smart work they put into pivoting the format of the program from our initial January 2020 in-person weekend to the virtual training. The presentation slides and video content are packed with information and provide an excellent balance of foundational and applied knowledge. Having the opportunity to connect and ask questions during office hours enriched my experience and my grasp of the material.

Threes Physiyoga offers an intelligent, scientifically sound framework that I can apply to my work with each private client, from the initial intake interview and physical assessments to developing a holistic program with thoughtful progressions and measurable goals. As a private and group class instructor, I have a much larger practical toolbox from which to draw – from myofascial release techniques to teaching cues that promote full body awareness and mindful movement. Thanks to my Physiyoga training, I feel more confident in my abilities to safely support functional, easeful movement in myself and my students.


Sarah took our 'Master with Threes' advanced yoga teacher training pathway.

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