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the burn:

reconnect to your CORE


Rebuild Your Core with a Science Based Approach

  • Do you feel all gunked up and stiff in spine and back?
  • Do you have a pooching belly that won’t go away? 
  • Are you finding that despite years of core exercises, your core doesn’t feel strong?
  • Or that when someone says engage your core, you aren’t sure what to do?
  • Does your lower back, shoulders, neck or hip flexors FEEL like they are working way harder than they should in your core classes?

What is the Beyond the burn challenge?

A one stop trusted shop to rebuilding a strong, supportive, functional core from the inside out. 

Tried core classes, crunches, planks, and even tried pilates? 

And still feel that: 

  • Your core isn’t strong, supportive
  • You have nagging lower back or hip pain
  • or core pooching, loafing?



We take a science backed step by step approach. 

It’s also a chance to join a community of others working on a common goal of unlocking connection and strength from their midsection

By the end of the 30 days, you will not only witness a physical transformation within yourself, but also gain valuable knowledge and habits that promote long-term health and fitness

How to Join

What is Included?

  • Click HERE to sign up for a monthly membership to the Threes Studio.
  • Then Sign up for Week 1 LIVE Class HERE. (You will be able to register for the following weeks live classes on the site). Live classes will be posted 24-48 hours after class ends – catch the replay if you can’t make the live class time. It’s fine to pick a different pre-recorded class on the live class day – nothing is lost by changing the order a bit.
  • Add it your personal calendar
  • Show up! (That’s the #1 key to success) Simply take the classes we picked each week.
  • And, really important… If you miss a class.make it up at your own pace.
  • Don’t stress if you need to skip one!
  • A Weekly LIVE class teaching you foundational core lessons 


  • A curated, hand picked month long guide of what classes to take each DAY 


  • Access to our full library of supportive complementary classes


  • Community Q+A with our teachers to get personalized advice


  • Real self care, taking the time for you to finally find your core


  • Empowerment with knowledge about HOW your body works  


  • WE START WITH MOBILITY You need spine / pelvis + hip mobility to fully access your core.  The muscles of the core attach to the spine/hips and pelvis so if you are just attending to the belly/abdomen you won’t get stronger and the best results of access + connection. 


  • WE ADDRESS INTRA-ABDOMINAL PRESSURE We address pooching, loafing, pressure belly and the urge to suck in all the time and WHY those things always happen. If you stack it should automatically get better. You need to learn how to stack the pieces that control IAP.


  • WE HELP YOU FIND YOUR COMPENSATIONS Say goodbye to compensations, we teach you cues, strategies, and use of props and position changes to isolate the deep core muscles INSTEAD of overusing your hip flexors, back, shoulders, neck muscles 


  • WE USE SMART PROGRESSIONS We BUILD you up one step at a time. It isn’t just a group of classes to take for your core, it is a guide. You will see us LIVE each week to learn the principles and skills that each week focuses on, where you can ask questions, explore. Then you will be assigned classes to build on that skill. 


  • WE FOCUS ON HOW YOU BREATHE It is a guided step by step calendar that starts you off with building a strong foundation for core power/efficiency, THE BREATH these are the things that MOST other programs SKIP over and just go to the burn. Core work is so much more than the burn. Its science and step by step programming of your body, but once you do it once and well you will unlock a more functioning core in your day to day life


  • YOU LEARN LESSONS THAT YOU CAN BRING INTO YOUR DAILY LIFE/OTHER EXERCISE It works best if you take what you learn on the mat, off the mat into your life. 


  • YOU ARE  SUPPORTED AFTER THE FIRST 30 DAYS You can continue on your track of keeping your core automatic with our online library. Our classes all echo the same messages of core optimization through the lessons you learn this month


Threes Physiyoga, a blend of physical therapy and yoga, provides a holistic approach to fitness, emphasizing not just feel good movement, but also learning about  how your body works best,  taking care of your mind, stability, mobility and balance.

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