Physiyoga: physical therapy principles meet mindful movement

Prenatal Physiyoga Starter Kit
Level 1
Foundation + Snack
Level 1
Level 1
Level 1
Level 2
Flow + Strength
Level 1
Level 1
Cara Ann Senicola
How to Train your Prenatal Core
Level 1
Peiling Junek
Prenatal Snack: Outer Hips and Low Back
Level 1
Peiling Junek
Prenatal Snack: Shoulders and Upper Back
Level 1
Peiling Junek
Prenatal Full Body Flow: Push-Ups and Squats
Level 2
Cara Ann Senicola
Prenatal Physiyoga Strength: 1
Level 1
Peiling Junek
Prenatal Snack: Quick Release
Soothing Flow: Linking Breath with Movement
Hip Therapeutic Snack: Flexion & Abduction
Live Class Recording: Tech Time Out
Alternate Nostril Breathing
Core Before You Move
Spiral Line Flow
Introduction to Ujjayi Breath
Post Workout Full Body Stretch
Midday Wakeup Call
Squats with a Twist: Shoulder and Spinal Rotation
Short & Spicy Strength Circuit: Upper Body and Core
Shoulder Therapeutic Snack: Passive Pec Stretch & Posterior Shoulder Activation
Live Class Recording: Build a Better Side Plank
Wrist/Forearm Activation and Awareness
Full Body Resistance Band Warm-Up
Dynamic Hip Stretch
Hip Therapeutic Snack: Core Activation, Hip Flexion + Glute Strength
Mindfulness Meditation: Fake It Till You Make It
Foundations of Mindfulness
Headache Support
Live Class Recording: New Year Flow
Full Body Flow with Low Ab Support
Releasing Accessory Muscles of Breathing
Meditation on the Breath: Part 2
Shoulder Therapeutic Snack: Shoulder Wall Series
Live Class Recording: Pilates Teaser for Core, Back & Hip Strength
Core For Runners
Banded Strength: Shoulder Rotator Cuff
Standing Balance Flow
Hip Therapeutic Flow
Grounding Meditation for Stress and Anxiety
Mom Circuit: Move Your Cranky Hips
A Way Back Into Your Practice
Low Back Therapeutic Snack: Spine Extension Bias
Live Class Recording: Nervous System Down Regulation for Crazy Times
Energizing Breathwork
Post Exercise Lower Body Mobility
Spinal Undulation & Rotation
Shoulder Therapeutic Snack: Tools to Help Improve Shoulder Pain
Live Class Recording: Building a Better Chaturanga/Push-up
Live Class Recording: Pelvic Floor Focused Flow
Post Run Mobility
Banded Strength: Glutes
Embodiment Flow: Spinal Undulations
Hip Therapeutic Flow
Live Class Recording: Let's Get Gluteal
Restorative Yoga for a Balanced Back
Upper Body Strength: Pushing and Pulling
Full Body Joint Mobility (CARs) Daily Practice #2
Short & Spicy Strength Circuit: Lower Body & Core
Low Back Therapeutic Snack: Core & Mini Squats
“Forget the Doubleshot” Revitalizer
Mindful Joy
Neck Physiyoga for Awareness and Stability
Post Turkey Day Movement Practice
Shoulder Therapeutic Snack: Scapula Stability, External Rotation
Yoga-lates: Side Body & Rotation
Live Class Recording: Hip, Hip, Hooray!
Expansive Breath for an Open Chest
Half Bind Flow
Live Class Recording: The Hip Class: Awareness, Strength + Activation
Live Class Recording: Help for Your Hips
Live Class Recording: Bend & Stretch Your Way to More Easful Twists
Short and Sweet Restorative Yoga
Airplane Mode
Workday Neck Release
Low Back Therapeutic Flow
Self Soothing Humming Meditation
Building a Better Bakasana (Crow Pose)
Shoulder Therapeutic Snack: Quadruped Scapula Stability
Morning Movement & Mindfulness 1
Live Class Recording: Psoas Soother
Build Your Pushing Power
Shoulder Conditioning for Half Binds
Building Functional Strength in the Back Body
Live Class Recording: Condition then Move: Core
Breathwork: Decongest Breathing Practice
Gentle Intro to Arm and Shoulder Strength
Banded Strength: Hip Flexors
Visual, Vestibular & Proprioceptive Systems for Balance
Embodiment Flow: Side Bends & Twists
Condition with Yoga Level 1: Side Bends & Twists
Low Back Therapeutic Snack: Cat/Cow, Press Backs & Arm Lifts
Permission to Do Less Meditation
Condition then Move Level 2: Side Bends & Twists
Shoulder Therapeutic Flow
Foam Roller Core Burn
Chair Flow for a Long Spine
Feel Good Flow for the Spiral Line
Live Class Recording: Yoga-lates for a Strong & Fluid Spine
3 Ways to Approach Full Wheel Pose
Strength and Stability Prep for Crow Pose
Build a Better Squat
Balancing the Front & Back Body
Simple & Sweet Yoga Flow
Open Arms Full of Love
Low Back Therapeutic Snack: Ab Set, Nerve Floss, Rolling
Pre Run Warm Up
Awakening Breath

Program Length

6 Weeks

This is a great jumpstart to smart movement during pregnancy. Grounded in physical therapy principles, you’ll learn the keys to moving safely and strongly throughout your pregnancy. Learn the importance of posture, breath and awareness to help you:

  • Stay STRONG
  • Help manage diastasis recti
  • Avoid pelvic health issues postpartum
  • Support a postpartum recovery 


How to use:

Start with Prenatal core foundations, lessons in this class should be used in all exercise and movement. Then progress to the  body part specific snacks, then the  hard c0re prenatal class when you feel ready! After the strength snacks feel good, move to the full body strength and flows. Use the release snack anytime as often as you like!

This program is designed to be flexible for how you feel on a day to day basis. Do what your body feels up to, but do it with gentle awareness and focus on form, breath and your core!


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Working From Home Unwind: Part 2, The Lower Body
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Hip Rotation Foundation
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Optimizing Your Shoulder Mobility & Strength
Giulia Pline
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Unlocking Your Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Complex
Marisa Sako
6 Weeks
Aligning Your Low Back for Better Posture
Kristina Clemons
6 Weeks
Protecting Your Knee-Glute Connection
6 Weeks
Increasing Wrist Flexibility & Strength
Emily Giovine
6 Weeks
Accessing Your Feet for Better Balance
Amber Gregory
6 Weeks
Harnessing the Power of Your Lower Abs
Diana Zotos Florio
6 Weeks
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