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Plantar Fascia Foot Fix: Building Strength through the Foot-Hip-Core Connection

The Foot Fix Plantar Fasciitis Program Series is designed to help you build a stronger foot-hip-core connection from the ground up through a range of mobility, strength, stability and balance movements and flows. Use this program to mitigate or recover from injury, enhance your athletic performance, improve your connection from the ground up and more. 

While it’s true that the body is made up of individual parts that need to be able to move independently, these parts are also all connected and linked with each other and work together, like a vast spider web. When one part of the web moves, the other parts respond. So, in the case of plantar fasciitis, strengthening the muscles around the knees, hips, core, spine, (including the calves, glutes, hamstrings and abdominals), provides more support, stability, and power through the web, enabling us to distribute force more effectively and efficiently throughout the body so that one part (like the plantar fascia) is not overworking or underworking.

Each class in this program is progressive, meaning that it builds your knowledge base as you go along and challenges you to apply what you’re learning in increasingly more difficult (yet accessible) ways. You’ll have opportunities throughout the program to test and retest what you’ve learned to see how far you’ve come. Progress through the program at your own pace. Take each class once, or repeat it several times until you feel ready to move on.


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