Core Restoration Program: Module 3: Awareness and Strength

Your foundation is there and you are ready to start building stronger mind-core connections and making strength gains. Time to start feeling your core work and fire up in basic to advanced exercises and off the mat in your life.

This module begins with reconnecting to feeling your core. We do this through tapping into your body’s proprioception sense (knowing where you are in space) and interoceptive sense (feeling what is actually happening inside). Cues, props and different positions and movements are offered to help bring that core awareness back and strengthen it. Take your time with the awareness work, make sure you can really feel your mind-core connection start to wake up before progressing to strength. Keep at it, it may take 1 or 5 weeks.

Once you move on to strength, focus on quality, not quantity. Do these exercises in a quiet space, set aside the time to be present, and take it slow. Steady breaths, no judgement, just intentional movements. Once movements begin to feel easy, move on to the next strength class.

Before starting this program, make sure you have educated yourself through Module 1: Start Here and Module 2: Self Massage and Release of the Core Restoration Program

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