Core Restoration Program Module 2: Self Massage and Release

Tension, you may or may not realize you are holding it in your core. Cores that aren’t optimally functioning are often holding too much tension in one place, aka, are you sucking your belly in? squeezing your butt all day long, or gripping your back?

These holding patterns come from necessity, our body finding an easy strategy to help us stay up right all day long.

But they aren’t helping us in the long run. An optimally functioning core spreads tension throughout the entire trunk, not just one place.

Even more, with too much tension in our butt, back or belly, we won’t be able to fully restore our core.

Each video begins with a self-assessment to see if you are holding tension in that area, then follows with a progression of self-massage techniques. You may need release one or more of these body areas, once or often throughout your core restoration journey.

Make sure you have started your core restoration path with module 1 of this program, and complete the releases you need in this section before moving on to awareness and strength in module 3!


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