Threes Training: Yoga Teachers

Integrate the Threes Physiyoga Method with your yoga teaching practices to bring holistic health and wellness to your clients and students.

For certified 200-hour yoga instructors, The Threes Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is a deep dive into the science of ‘why’ and its connection to our body’s movement and mindfulness. Using science-informed methods, you will learn how to apply principles of physical therapy to the foundations of yoga in group and private sessions, integrating your personal creative approach with our rigorous academics to create an unparalleled and therapeutic individualized Physiyoga teaching experience.

Threes Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Offers

Foundation of Physiyoga and its connection to anatomy and the science of movement 

Integration of Physiyoga tools grounded in mobility and stability into yoga or therapy practices

Restoration and healing techniques for pain support, recovery, conditioning and more

Our flagship Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is an 8-month online program featuring module-based coursework, live virtual events, roundtable discussions and one-on-one mentorship to fuel your deeper understanding of the Threes Method, our principles and practical applications to share with your clients.

The Our Threes Physiyoga Method Training is taught by leading experts in physical therapy and yoga. Featured highlights of the program include:

Learn and embody our science informed method

Apply biomechanics and teach intentional movement

Safely guide students with pain and injuries

Communicate with healthcare practitioners

Addressing the important connection of body, mind and spirit, we utilize a biopsychosocial-spiritual (BPSS) approach to bring this connected trio to the forefront of a client’s overall lived experience. You will learn our science backed tools of assessing and restoring movement to empower your clients to feel better, move with intention, and build habits for lifelong well-being.

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

The Threes Training Program Includes

  • Access to Threes Physiyoga course programming and materials
  • One-to-one live virtual sessions with a Threes Educator
  • 1-year membership to the Threes Physiyoga Studio
  • Inclusion in our global Threes Physiyoga Teacher Directory upon graduation
  • Continuing education offerings

Next Cohort Starts 
September 11, 2024-May 21, 2025

Registration closes August 16, 2024

Price: $3,500

Need more flexible options? 

Meet the Threes Educators 

The Threes Scholarship

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"This was an exceptional training. It has changed the way I teach and work with my students."
—Zoe Mullhaupt
"This training was challenging yet supportive, eye opening yet reinforcing, inspiring and fun."
—Kelly Love, E-RYT 500
"This new language and skillset I began using in group classes triggered a wonderful curiosity in my students. They want to go deeper."
—Eric Lawrence
"The approach was clear and helped train my eye to read bodies, notice suboptimal patterns, and offer holistic approaches to help my students be at peace in their bodies (and minds)."
—Rebecca Ketchum, E-RYT 500
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