Live Classes + Webinars coming soon. 

Live Physiyoga Flow Classes

Physiyoga Flow weekly live classes focus on alignment, strength, balance, flexibility and mobility while linking movement with breath to help you build a sustainable practice. Expect to be guided through postures, stretches, and other intentional movements incorporating science-informed Threes Physiyoga Elements, aimed to help you connect a focused mind to your movement. Our team of Physiyoga teachers are experienced with intelligent and thoughtful sequencing, using cues designed to facilitate your connection to a more balanced you.

A few things:

  • Live classes are 45 min long with an optional 15 min Q & A with the teacher after class. The Q & A is only available live and not included in the recording.
  • You will receive your zoom link either the day before or day of class. 
  • Classes are recorded and everyone signed up will receive the recording. The recording goes out within 24 hours of the class which sometimes means you will receive it the next day. There is no expiration date for the recording. 
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