Marisa Sako
Yoga Teacher

As a teacher, I live for those, aha! moments when it just clicks for a student and I get to watch them enter a new level of physical awareness and skill. Movement is the through line of my life, starting with dance, then yoga and running, and now in studying orthopedic acupuncture. As a result, nothing is more fulfilling to me than helping people live with less pain, perform better in sports, achieve a wider range of artistic expression physically, or experience their breath in a whole new way.   

For the past 15 years I’ve taught yoga at studios like Kula Yoga Project and Bend & Bloom in New York City, as well as one-on-one to countless clients, including those referred to me by physical therapists to proactively prevent re-injury, those living with chronic health issues, or those simply wanting more detailed instruction.  

In my group classes, I seek to marry anatomical geekery and therapeutics seamlessly with metronomic vinyasa flow.  I’ve always been the resident nerd wherever I’ve taught, but I love teaching all levels—from brand new beginners to seasoned teachers aiming for a pain free press handstand.

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