Kristina Clemons
Yoga Teacher

I have always connected to movement as a means for expression, discipline, joy, and mental/emotional regulation. My formal movement journey began with classical ballet in Georgia, segued into yoga in NYC (2004), and I began teaching in 2010. I love to learn, therefore many traditions influence my teaching: intelligent vinyasa, Iyengar, Physiyoga (the merging of physical therapy techniques and yoga), and meditation.

Depending on the class style, you can expect to think and move outside the box, try new things, or try old things in a new way. My sequencing is both creative and smart, rooted in biomechanics, with a mixture of precision and exploration. I also have a deep appreciation for mindfulness practices like restorative yoga and sound baths. I lead sound meditations using singing bowls, gongs, and chimes with the goal of diving into the subtlety of listening. There is a time to move big and a time to get quiet; my practice over the years has been to listen to which one will bring balance to daily life.

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