Kiera Penpeci
Yoga Teacher, PsyD
I began my practice in studios in Boston, MA while in search of community. The practice was a soft landing when navigating corporate life and training for long-distance cycling. Since then my practice has evolved right alongside my professional work, spiritual awakening and healing. Part of yoga, for me, is a way to embody healing in its various forms, so as an educator I naturally gravitated to facilitating this experience for others. To support my instruction, I completed a 200-hr YTT at JP Centre yoga and more recently completed the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Threes Physiyoga. In my classes, students can expect a deep focus on posture and gait, a through-line intended to aid in recovery and longevity in the hips and spine.
When I’m not teaching yoga at studios in Boston and privately, I’m working as an Organizational Psychologist, facilitating organizational healing and equal opportunity, and a professor in the Organizational and Leadership Psychology department at William James College where I’m focused on multicultural competence & inclusive leadership and organizational assessment.
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