Jenny Chao
Yoga Teacher

Jenny has always been fascinated by the living human experience and what it means to embody an inspired, holistic lifestyle. As a RYT 500, E-RYT 200, = health coach and multidisciplinary designer, Jenny guides people in discovering a more innate connection with themselves. She supports others in developing the skills and self-understanding to navigate their lives, health and wellness with groundedness and peace, aligned with their soul purpose. Jenny's belief that all humans have the capacity to heal and thrive in life through self discovery is at the heart of her work.

She will meet you where you are, at present, through the various modalities she teaches. Her specialties include playful Vinyasa flows rooted in Iyengar alignment; Restorative and Yin yoga for deep rest and self-care; Yoga Nidra for total nervous system support; physiyoga for injury management, strengthening and functional movement; enhanced cannabis + yoga sessions for expansive elevated experiences; Ayurvedic yoga to hone our connection to nature and the world around us, alongside mindfulness and mantra meditation.

Jenny believes that the yoga practice can offer a sense of homecoming back to your authentic self in body, mind and spirit. She also understands that you are, and will always be, your own best teacher. She is simply a guiding light channeling the teaching and practices to help you connect with your inner spark to live in joyful harmony with your truest life.

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