Giulia Pline
Yoga Teacher

​​As a former professional dancer, movement educator and yoga teacher of 12+ years, and current Doctorate of Physical Therapy student, Giulia has always been fascinated by the body in motion. Her background in dance and experiences in healing from several traumatic injuries led her to pursue rigorous and extensive studies in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and biomechanics. The years she spent healing and recovering from injury have provided her with a unique skill set and perspective that informs how she  teaches and works with others using movement as medicine.


Giulia has taught both nationally and internationally, including popular masterclasses and workshops that incorporate resistance bands with yoga. She aims to provide empathetic, intelligent, and thoughtful movement education through a multidisciplinary approach based in science. Giulia is a senior instructor and Head of Content at Threes Physiyoga Method and is passionate about bridging the gap between physical therapy and yoga.

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