Giulia Pline
Yoga Teacher

I began studying and practicing yoga to supplement my dance training during my time as a BFA dance major at The Boston Conservatory. Yoga became a natural extension of dance for me, providing a different path to discover more about myself. Fast forward a few years and injuries later, I expanded how I view and teach yoga through my pursuit of extensive studies in movement and kinesiology, anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. I no longer dance professionally, but I still infuse its knowledge, detail, somatic awareness and passion into my work as a yoga teacher.

My desire to grow my teaching through greater knowledge and understanding of movement, training and the body led me to complete multiple courses with Threes Physiyoga Method, Kula Yoga Project, Gary Ward’s AiM, Functional Anatomy Seminars, PRI, DNS and ELDOA.  

My teaching integrates yoga and pranayama (breathing), with corrective exercise, functional mobility work and knowledge from the physical therapy world. Working this way helps evolve, inspire and expand our movement and breath vocabulary, sheds light on how we can create more efficiency and clarity within our own individual mechanics and helps us stay healthful, intentional, curious and connected as practitioners, movers and humans.

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