Emily Giovine
Yoga Teacher

I am a dancer and yoga teacher, having received my RYT-500 certification from Alison West at Yoga Union in New York City. I’ve taught group classes at Kula Yoga, Equinox, Sky Ting, and Bend and Bloom in NYC, and my teaching style is influenced by the creativity of my dance training, as well as my continued studies in Iyengar Yoga with Nikki Costello and Genny Kapuler.  

After completing the Threes Physiyoga advanced teacher training program, I felt inspired to pursue my doctorate in physical therapy. My physiyoga classes are truly a place where science and mindfulness meet, and they are frequently inspired by Jill Miller and the Roll Out Method.  

Outside of teaching, I’m also an active member in the Dharma Punx meditation community with Josh Korda and studied virtually with Tara Brach.  

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