Deborah Singer Livingston
Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher

A loyal Philadelphian, I'm passionate about bringing health and wellness resources to my physical therapy clients, as well as the community of West Philly where I live with my husband and three sport-loving boys. My work is influenced by Shirley Sarhmann, PT, professor of physical therapy at Washington University. I utilize movement-based evaluation and treatment, and I've merged my movement assessment and treatment with yoga by incorporating breath work and asana into my clinical practice.

I completed her clinical doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York University in 2004. Since then, I've practiced physical therapy at the Hospital for Special Surgery and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, specializing in adolescent sports medicine. And I've also worked in the Philadelphia public school system as part of its Early Intervention Program. I am currently a clinical supervisor at Widner University’s student run pro bono clinic, and I've completed advocacy training through the Temple Institute of Disabilities.

I was introduced to Yoga at Cindy Lee’s Om in New York City over 10 years ago,  and have explored many different yoga styles and teachers in New York and Philadelphia. Yoga has influenced me to integrate breathing, awareness, alignment and movement with my clients of all ages, and I am in the process of completing a 250-hour yoga teacher training program at Yoga Life Institute.

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