Brian Roy Garland
Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher

As a competitive gymnast since an early age, I've always been consumed with the body’s ability to create shapes. This passion led to further study of anatomy and physiology, functional movement, injury and rehabilitation. Eventually I earned a master's degree in physical therapy at Springfield College.

In 2001, I discovered Yoga and immediately became enamored by the deeply transformative and therapeutic qualities of the practice. Since then, I've studied Ashtanga, vinyasa, Iyengar, Anusara, Jivamukti and Hatha lineages. My formal yoga training includes Axis Yoga and Kindness Yoga in Denver, Colorado, as well as the Threes Physiyoga Method advanced yoga teacher training program.

I'm the founder of The PhysiYoga Project in Denver, Colorado; a healing space and private practice dedicated to the implementation of physiyoga as a means of re-balancing the whole person—spirit, mind and body. I also teaches alignment-based group yoga classes, workshops and toga anatomy in YTT programs.

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