Annie Petersmeyer
Yoga Teacher, Pilates Teacher

I hope our time working together gives you a better quality of life. Deepening your movement, breath, and mind-body connection practice will spotlight your body’s unique needs. Through exploration and practice, you will discover the best tools to get you
where you’d personally like and need to be. My goal is to teach you how to accomplish your needs and cement them into your body so you can independently thrive in any movement practice and in daily life.

I’m most happy when I move my body. I professionally danced on Broadway tours. My teaching career began in my teens instructing tap dancing. Being a forever teacher and student, I continued my education with certifications in Pilates, Yoga, Personal Training,
and Barre. I have taught in NYC for the past 20 years both one-on-one and group classes. I currently teach virtually and in person in Brooklyn, NY. Most days you will find me diving into my own self-practice or immersed in continuing education.

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