Why We Need to Start Treating Postpartum Recovery Like Any Other Orthopedic Rehab

Postpartum recovery

Having had three child births and worked in an orthopedic hospital for seven years, I’ve witnessed firsthand the discrepancies between how women are treated during postpartum recovery versus the way someone is treated post tissue or ligament repair. But here’s the thing: Both having a child, either vaginally or through a C-section, and orthopedic surgery […]

5 Ways Yoga Teachers Should Approach Students With Injuries

Given how many people are practicing yoga these days—the latest stats suggest nearly 37 million Americans (and counting)—it’s essential that the yoga teacher community maintains a working knowledge of common yoga injuries as they are often the first person to address students’ injuries. But currently, most RYT 200-hour certifications include only 20 hours of anatomy […]