How to Build a More Resilient Low Back

We’re so glad you asked. Because lower back health is a product of ALL the components of you. You might be thinking…okay, that means my lower back pain history, lower back mobility, flexibility, strength, my hip or hamstring mobility and flexibility, my core strength, AND my overall back strength. Well, you’re on the right (back) […]

What Can Being Barefoot Do for You?

With summer right around the corner, ‘tis the season to be barefoot, especially since our feet  otherwise spend long periods of time wearing boots and shoes. But more than just feeling good, I’d like to tell you why it’s important to be barefoot as much as possible. Before doing so, there are disclaimers to this […]

Avoid These Habits so Your Neck Stays Strong and Healthy

Balancing, supporting and (then) stabilizing the head are real responsibilities of the neck. But the reality is that, unlike other body muscles, most people don’t pay attention to, much less train the neck muscles: we only care about the neck when we have pain or injury. After all, neck training doesn’t make you jump higher […]

3 Science-Backed Ways to Deal with Tight Hips

Hips are powerhouses. Optimal, strong, powerful hips enable us to be faster runners, more efficient cyclists, more explosive jumpers, more easeful yoga practitioners, and more gainful strength trainers. Hips are also complex. Hips get tight. Hips get wonky, and we try band-aids to make them feel better: constant stretching, foam rolling, massaging–but they don’t get […]

The Breathing Techniques Yoga Union Founder Alison West Used During Her Covid-19 Recovery

Alison West

We founded Threes Physiyoga to build bridges between the different disciplines and communities within the healthcare and wellness continuum. We believe doing so best supports our overall wellbeing. And our podcast, The Body Puzzle, is the latest place where we’re putting these pieces together. Each episode includes insights from experts and specialists who will empower […]

How to Approach Chronic Pain From A Physiyoga Perspective

chronic pain management yoga

I was excited to read this piece in The New York Times about what comes next when modern medicine struggles to treat chronic pain. And after finishing the article I had a few thoughts. Here’s the thing–the human experience of pain and chronic illness is non-binary: there is no clean drawing of lines. It doesn’t […]

Why We Need to Start Treating Postpartum Recovery Like Any Other Orthopedic Rehab

Postpartum recovery

Having had three child births and worked in an orthopedic hospital for seven years, I’ve witnessed firsthand the discrepancies between how women are treated during postpartum recovery versus the way someone is treated post tissue or ligament repair. But here’s the thing: Both having a child, either vaginally or through a C-section, and orthopedic surgery […]

5 Ways Yoga Teachers Should Approach Students With Injuries

Given how many people are practicing yoga these days—the latest stats suggest nearly 37 million Americans (and counting)—it’s essential that the yoga teacher community maintains a working knowledge of common yoga injuries as they are often the first person to address students’ injuries. But currently, most RYT 200-hour certifications include only 20 hours of anatomy […]