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Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 5.16.01 PM
Interoception in the Yoga Practice: A Way to Be in Your Body...
Don't Waste Your (Precious) Breath
If we at Threes have learned anything at all during our years...
chronic pain management yoga
How to Approach Chronic Pain From A Physiyoga Perspective
Diana Zotos Florio •  
I was excited to read this piece in The New York Times...
Tyler Tanaka podcast
The Breathing Techniques a Strength Coach Uses With His Clients to Optimize Their Performance
We founded Threes Physiyoga to build bridges between the different disciplines and...
avi greenberg podcast episode
Stress Can Be a Powerful Tool for Personal Growth, According to a Mindset Coach
We founded Threes Physiyoga to build bridges between the different disciplines and...
how to make yoga more functional
Is Yoga Functional Movement? Exploring "Borrowing" Movement and Varying Pose Strategies
Diana Zotos Florio •  
How to make yoga more functional is a question we think about...
mindfulness benefits athletic performance
The Scientific Reasons Why Practicing Mindfulness Improves Your Athletic Performance
Diana Zotos Florio •  
When it comes to playing sports, the mental game is as, if...
polyvagal states
The Physiological Reason You Can't 'Just Breathe' Through Everything
Diana Zotos Florio •  
It’s a simple mantra: Just breathe. And it can help get you...
6 Terms to Know Before Your First Threes Physiyoga Class
Diana Zotos Florio •  
Part of developing our own training method meant coming up with a...
how to practice mindfulness
How To Practice Mindfulness and Make It Part of Your Daily Routine
Diana Zotos Florio •  
By now, you’ve probably heard the word “mindfulness” on TV, people talking...
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