Don’t Waste Your (Precious) Breath

If we at Threes have learned anything at all during our years of practice, it is this: our  breath is at the center of our health. And it responds directly to our attentiveness… as well as our lack of it.   We breathe more than we perform any other bodily function, yet chances are most […]

How to Approach Chronic Pain From A Physiyoga Perspective

chronic pain management yoga

I was excited to read this piece in The New York Times about what comes next when modern medicine struggles to treat chronic pain. And after finishing the article I had a few thoughts. Here’s the thing–the human experience of pain and chronic illness is non-binary: there is no clean drawing of lines. It doesn’t […]

The Breathing Techniques a Strength Coach Uses With His Clients to Optimize Their Performance

Tyler Tanaka podcast

We founded Threes Physiyoga to build bridges between the different disciplines and communities within the healthcare and wellness continuum. We believe doing so best supports our overall wellbeing. And our podcast, The Body Puzzle, is the latest place where we’re putting these pieces together. Each episode includes insights from experts and specialists who will empower […]

Combining Physical Therapy and Yoga Helps You Move in Better, Safer Ways

In our experience, people tend to discover the benefits of physiyoga (physical therapy and yoga) in one of two ways: They are either dealing with an injury, and a yoga instructor suggests they see a PT, or their physical therapist prescribes yoga as a part of their treatment protocol. But it’s not just people recovering […]

The Physiological Reason You Can’t ‘Just Breathe’ Through Everything

polyvagal states

It’s a simple mantra: Just breathe. And it can help get you through plenty of stressful situations by calming you down. But it’s not always the best advice. Don’t get us wrong, we are all about using breath as medicine. Sometimes, though, it’s not the right medicine at that time. It all depends on if […]

How To Practice Mindfulness and Make It Part of Your Daily Routine

how to practice mindfulness

By now, you’ve probably heard the word “mindfulness” on TV, people talking about it at work or seen the buzzword all over your social media channels. Are we close? Given the many benefits of practicing mindfulness, it makes sense that lots of people are curious about how it could help them address any number of […]