Our Mission

By integrating physical therapy into yoga practices, Threes Physiyoga Method empowers teachers and students to optimize their wellbeing through progressive training programs that bridge the gap between health care and yoga. 

“We want to provide access to science-backed, evidence-based information for why and how these practices work in order to support your wellbeing journey,” says Diana Zotos Florio, cofounder of TPM. “Our goal is to give you access to all the resources you’ll need and be trusted guides to help you along the way.”

What We Do 

With that objective in mind, we developed our Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and Physical Therapy Certification programs. 
Our continuing education is built upon three themes: Foundations, Assessment and Restoration. We consistently break down the science into digestible, usable chunks and apply it through a bio-psychosocial-spiritual and movement assessment, incorporating the TPM map to restore harmony in the mind, body and spirit. 

We also offer on-demand and live classes to directly support students with a progressive practice built upon movement science.  

Who We Are 

We’re Diana Zotos Florio (left) and Emily Tomlinson (right), physical therapists, yoga teachers and directors/cofounders of TPM. 

We created this digital fitness platform to serve as a collective space for like-minded teachers to share their passion for physiyoga with a growing community of students eager to learn how the TPM principles can be applied to their practices.
We support teachers and students throughout their wellness journeys and guide them to greater – and more sustainable – health. 

What Our TPM Enthusiasts Say

Diana's work combining the movement and mindfulness of yoga with the skilled hands and mind of a physical therapist offers me a new, safe, effective, and enjoyable way to achieve and maintain my fitness.

–Kim Cattrall, actress
I do not consider myself a yoga person at all and was initially skeptical that Diana's holistic techniques would work for me; however, I’ve worked with her consistently for the past three years, and she’s skillfully treated my discreet injuries (knees, back, wrists) while also taking a natural approach to injury prevention by focusing on strength, balance, and posture.

–Henry Jarecki, psychiatrist
Physiyoga is a wonderful specialty for healing and preventative care. Diana Zotos is at the top of this profession. Her knowledge of body awareness and the human muscular and skeletal systems is impressive.

—Sharon Handler Loeb, chair of the Aspen Institute’s Brain Forum
Diana Zotos has devised a unique method that melds the best of physical therapy and yoga to produce a superior physical and psychological outcome.

—David Jaffe, managing partner, Centre Partners
This was an exceptional training program—it’s changed the way I teach and work with my students. The instructors are excellent, and the rigorous curriculum kept me interested and looking forward to every module. The feedback from my own students has been wonderful, which only goes to show how terrific the instruction and instructors were.

—Zoe Mullhaupt, E-RYT 500
I’m now able to easily understand and converse with my clients’ physical therapists, body workers, and doctors. It’s training like this that raises the caliber of the yoga profession as it empowers teachers with the knowledge and understanding to add to the conversation when it comes to our clients’ pathways to healing.

—Rebecca Ketchum, E-RYT 500
Thank you to Diana, Helen, Emily and Cara for providing the ‘missing link’ that I needed for my occupational therapy practice. I notice increased interest and energy investment from my clients when I use a more holistic (mind, body, and emotions) approach.

—George, MSOT, RYT
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