Physiyoga: physical therapy principles meet mindful movement

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Live Class Recording: Yoga-lates
Kelly Love
Class Level: 2
Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates as a series of exercises designed to build strength and control in the body and mind while improving overall flexibility. His method is referred to as “contrology”. Like yoga, there is a focus on breath work, as it is believed that the breath can help channel energy to our core and out to the periphery, where us yogis believe most of our energy resides.In this fusion of yoga and pilates, “yoga-lates”, we will use the theraband in our pilates exercises to assist us with “controlling” our movements, developing greater awareness that will aid us in moving with greater efficiency and ease in our yoga transitions. Two blocks and a theraband will be used in class. If you do not own a pilates mat, a blanket or second mat are suggested.

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