Build Your Foundation: Full Body Mobility Test
Class Level: All
Equipment Required
Broomstick  Yoga Blocks

This class is intended to use before you begin active strength building classes. This class guides you through a simple and brief self-mobility assessment to make sure your joints have the range of motion they need to perform basic strength moves. Having appropriate joint range of motion can mitigate injury and decrease compensations, therefore setting the stage for a safe, smart, and effective strength training journey.

Take this class and test your mobility. If you think you are able to do all the moves being taught, move on to the strength program. If you discover that an area of your body needs more training/attention to increase range of motion or alignment, then try the classes listed below by body area. For example, if you discover that you cannot lift your arms overhead without tilting the rib cage and flaring your front ribs, you would take the class for Shoulder Flexion either once or a few times, then start to incorporate the strength classes. Retake the Full Body Mobility Assessment class in 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks to monitor your progress.

What we’ll assess in this class + What class to take to increase your mobility (click the class title to go directly to the class page):

Shoulder Flexion: Optimizing Your Shoulder Flexion,
Dynamic Shoulder Flexion Strength

Shoulder Blade Mobility: Shoulder Blade Mobility

Ankle dorsiflexion: Happy Feet Remedy

Hip Hinge: What’s a Hip Hinge?!

Wrist Extension: Introduction to Hand & Wrist Weight-Bearing

Thoracic Rotation: Finding Freedom in the Thoracic Spine

Abdominal Brace: Build Your Foundation: Core Breathwork

Breathing: Build Your Foundation: Core Alignment

This class is great for:
Everyone  Athletic Mobility

Additional Videos

Diana Zotos Florio
Level All
Tight Hips Pre-Test Assessment
Marisa Sako
Introduction to Relieve Your Tight-Feeling Hips
Marisa Sako
Level 2
Physiyoga Strength: Hip Flexors 1
Marisa Sako
Stretch + Release: Hip Mobility + Flexibility
Giulia Pline
The Focused Fix: Hip Mobility + Recovery at Work
Giulia Pline
Mobility + Snack
The Focused Fix: Hip Flexibility + Alignment at Work
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